Monday, March 26, 2012

On my Hustle.

 I started this blog a week after my last post but getting comfortable in my new position at Bustin and food poisoning has delayed me finishing this. And I've been skating. It's currently barely past five in the morning and now seems the perfect time to get some thoughts out. My last blog started giving my history here at Bustin and trailed off at me about to go in on the Bustin "haters"  but I'm not really in that mood right now and those guys won't be getting a shout out from me here. Life is good for me and "haters gonna hate".

I'm really excited to be taking this new role in the company as our Accounts/Wholesale Manager. For over a month and half I've been waking up at seven in the morning to be at work by ten; with a commute that rarely takes more than twenty minutes to sit at a desk for around seven hours. And having lots of fun doing it! Actually feeling challenged. My day passes by so quickly and I'm really feeling like I've found myself. Of course I don't get to skate around during the day nearly as much, something that I'm sure I'll think about more as Summer hits its peak but that's the price of growth. Besides, I've enjoyed that lifestyle enough that I'm comfortable enough to let our newer faces step up and take on more of that community role. Those guys just need to understand that they need to actually put in work to make things happen for themselves. That none of this was just handed to me and just because you're an awesome skater doesn't mean you're entitled to anything. Hustle. There are a lot of awesome skaters out there and it'll usually take a bit more than landing tricks to be able to support yourself in this industry. Hustle.

So yeah, I've been spending a bit more time in the office and stopped focusing on the partying and finding out what's under the next skirt.(A little secret here..besides maybe some variable moves it's the same thing that was under the last skirt.) And I'm stoked to be on the road even more this year, nationally and abroad. From trades shows to your local shop to competitions this is looking to be my best year yet!

 Forgive the random brain/body is still recovering. I'll have another post in a few days. Until then..these pics are from a day on that NYC PushCulture flow. StaySkatin!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm on one

A couple PBRs and I'm in the perfect mood to do a little blogging. No plan..just going to flow. So what's new in life for me? I've recently took over as Sales/Account Manager at Bustin Boards. I know some of you out there think I have been a part of the company since day one. Not true. I would say it has been about five years or so now. It's not the beginning but as far as building a community here in NYC I would say it's pretty damn close. The person I first met that was associated with Bustin was Marc Rodriguez. He had been around them for maybe a month or so but it would be another that "put me on". That experience would be placed on the shoulders of Mike Dallas. He had also only been around for a short while and was only associated with Bustin at the time. I met him at a bar in Bushwick called Wreck Room, it was a couple of blocks away from my apartment and the date happened to be 4/19. I was new to the neighborhood and had it in my mind I was going to make friends that night. I had at least eight "eLbows" on my person that I had rolled in anticipation. Of course I ran into Dallas. Long story short..he invited me to the Greenskate on 4/20, the next day.
The last Greenskate that actually landed on the green holiday. Matt Colvin, who was our point guy then, saw something in me and invited me to the team. At that point my sponsorship consisted of a board and a couple t-shirts. But I was super stoked and did not give two shits about anything else being owed to me for repping. There was no money in it but I had found my passion and knew that was the first step. I just wanted to skate and spread the word. Every person that I saw skating or even look at my board for more than a second got the scoop on Bustin.

Years later and here I am. Everyone that is not blood family that is currently in my life has been connected through me skating. They may not skate but I can guarantee that's where the root of that connection lies. I have done commercials, magazine spreads, videos, traveled, partied...from skating. I'm still not quite sure how, I'm hardly the best skater at anything...but I bleed steeze and am lethal when shredding deadly NYC traffic. I loved what I was doing and kept a smile. And that my friends is contagious; people are drawn to that. We welcomed these people with open arms. Whoever wanted to skate was welcome. I couldn't care less how skilled you were as long as you wanted to skate. To some elitist that makes us the enemy. They don't appreciate us inviting "kooks" to "their" sport and we get a lot of hate from them for it. I say get over yourselves..we already have....And with that little shot I'm going to break and call this part one. See you in a day or two for whatever is next. I'm adding a photo/video or two because they make my blog look better. Thanks to Alt Trinh from SHeRED Magazine for the photos! The video is by the talented Pam Diaz and depicts our life on the road. #StaySkatin

Monday, February 27, 2012

Turn my Boombox on Boom!

What a fun weekend this was!! I'm starting to get back into the NYC flow..starting to. So many friends to enjoy and tasks to catch up on. Good thing I have the rest of 2012 before the world ends.. I'll catch you up on the shenanigans next blog but I'm sure I have something that most of you would rather see now. I keep saying there is big things coming out of the Bustin camp this year and you've already begun to hear the buzz with boards dropping soon. I'm hearing news about releases that even we don't know.. The most up-to-date information I can give you is...soon. Ha. You guys know I'm a tease. Allow me to take it to another level. Here is an swagtastic film/edit by Cami Beast with some of our team riders with the BOOMBOX on blast! It's Bustin Bitches!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

With the help of my friends

What hides inside                                           A spotless exterior

Death before living                                         A phoenix reborn

                                                  Love heals

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sometimes I like it slow.

I've finally worked myself out of my funk and feel like I can get back to writing.

This year started off with me at a point where I really had to make some life path decisions. Manhattan is for me the best place to skate hands down and I love my Brooklyn community. And still I couldn't get out of this city fast enough when 2012 rolled over. I needed a break from the fast lane..a Greyhound bus down the east coast to Florida is definitely a drastic change of speed. See you in February!

Fast forward to six weeks later and the issues of last year seem to be working themselves out quite well. I spent a good amount of
the NYC winter in tropic climates, usually bordered by an ocean or forest and surrounded by genuine hospitality. Atlanta was the only place I left unsatisfied, there was inclement weather most of the time so I didn't get to skate with many people. I'll be back there soon. I've come back feeling quite energized and with a fresh outlook.

More on my skacation this week.
Back on that NYC 'ish!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Broadway Bomb 2011!!!!!

Finally! Another epic Broadway Bomb experience has come and gone. And not a moment too soon. Don't get it twisted..I had the time of my life but it was exhausting! My last house guest, Carly Richardson of Landyachtz, just took off yesterday to head back to Canada and I can finally take a break. Well sort of.(I'm leaving for Ohio in a few hours to hit a 60mph hill(Soldiers of Downhill race should be my next blog post). But before I bore you with my talking let me get straight to the meat. Feelin' this word right now..Meat. Come get some...I distract easily. Here's an excellent capture of the Bomb from the crew at Push Culture News.

Wish you had been there?! With close to 1500 participants there was a definite stoke overload! Congrats to my NYC family. Way to put on for your city! People traveled from across the globe to be here and you guys showed up in numbers and let them know what this push culture swag is really about. It's true, you can push anywhere. But this isn't anywhere. This is The concrete jungle. 
Prince (Photo by Chad Gallagher)
And another vid from my homies at Rayne Longboards. Much love to Marisa, Cameron, Paul and the rest of the crew. I'm coming to see you guys as soon as destiny allows.

I started to talk about all the pros that were here..because I know some of you get off on that but it's easier for me just say that your favorite skater was probably at this event. What was really cool for me though was how every one of these guys left stoked on what we're doing here in NYC. Without fail they all left with a better understanding and appreciation of this pushing "drug" were on. "I get it. I get." Skating here is another type of rush, we flirt with death daily and you always need to be ready to dodge the next moving obstacle.

After the race we headed to the after-picnic sponsored by Bustin and hosted by me. I spent the weeks before stressing on how to feed as many people as possible and stay within budget. There were thoughts of tacos and spaghetti, both would feed a good amount of people but would be logistical nightmares. Wings, dumplings, hot dogs, and meatballs were the answer. Thanks to my dad for cooking at least 60lbs of wings and Marie Robles for taking care of the rest. 800 meatballs, 300+ hotdogs and around 800 dumplings. Crazy. Despite a little harassment by the park employee and a slight relocation my stress was unwarranted. Everything else went smoothly. Bustin gave away so much gear including lots of carbon Robots, both in contests and a free raffle where winners were called out throughout the party.
 And then there was the partying where 'ish got real. There are stories that I could tell but what happens in NYC.....Much love to all who came and got in in with us here in NYC. Loaded. Landyachtz. Smokin Mad Love. Rayne. Rogers Brothers. Sector 9. Arbor. Gravity. Wheelbase Magazine. Earthwing. Original. Venom. Hogwash. Clutch. Green Banana. Shralpers Union. SkateTheEast. Uncle Funkys. Beast Coast Longboarding. Silverfish. SHeRED. Bustin. Push Culture New. So many more............See you in the field or at the next Broadway Bomb. Until then....Stay Skatin'!

Photo by Chad Gallagher

Friday, September 23, 2011

Broadway Bomb 2011!!!!!

Welcome to the melting pot...I've been sitting here contemplating what to write about this week. I had come up with what I thought would be the easy way out and post some photos of different skaters from all over. Turned out to be a pretty good project but I think it warrants a bit more effort than I planned. All good. So what do I write about...The Broadway Bomb 2011!! Sitting here watching this video myself I could barely contain my excitement! The anticipation of skating with that many stoked skaters has me on edge and checking the calendar three times a day. Last years numbers were estimated at 500+ but I'm pretty positive there were at LEAST 600 of us taking over the busiest and most famous street in NYC! Let's hope our esteemed colleague who organizes this race will have some plan to track this years numbers. This year I would hardly be surprised to see a thousand of us out there...Who gon' stop us?!?!

So the date for the race is October 8 which is about two weeks away.  The race starts at noon but I'll be there by at least 1100AM. One of the best attractions of this event is the community and the shared excitement. Get there early and enjoy it. I've already received messages from riders in countries all over saying how stoked they were to be participating in this years event! Also if for some reason we have to start early(cops)or some asshole(there is always at least one) yells go prematurely, you don't want to miss out on what will surely be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life!

Bustin will be also be sponsoring the after-picnic that takes place along the East River..and I'll be co-hosting with Ian! We'll be getting a flyer out shortly with details but look to see more events to participate in like best trick, hippie jump and even a manual contest! And more free stuff. May I still say "winning"?

Stay Skatin'!